A specialty  pharmaceutical company focused on innovative  drug  
delivery and therapies

  • Authenticating and verifying the user
  • Authenticating and verifying the active ingredient being dispensed
  • Producing consistent, accurate dosages of an active ingredient
  • Measuring, monitoring and metering dosages on a per use (activation) basis
  • Controlling the amount and duration of power and temperature- eliminating the risk of cracking the excipient molecules and producing unwanted chemical byproducts in the vapor
  • Offering environmentally friendly power options
  • Allowing for expanded categories of excipients- more delicate excipients require lower, controlled temperatures
  • Controlling the size of the vapor molecule
  • Utilizing a totally encapsulated fluid reservoir that cannot be adulterated and that restricts oxidation and contamination
  • Minimizing leakage of any kind
Vapor Delivery
Our technology can be designed, programmed and manufactured to provide two distinct methods of delivery- inhalable vapor or breathable vapor. 
In one method the vapor produced is made available for inhalation- allowing for rapid uptake through the pulmonary system or intranasally. 
   With the other method, the vapor is produced and then expelled from the device, enabling the user- who holds the device one to four inches in front of
his or her face, between the nose and mouth- to breathe the vapor in, allowing it to be absorbed in the soft tissues of the mouth and nasal passages.  
   Both methods of delivery minimize systemic absorption and adverse effects compared to formulas that must travel through the gastrointestinal tract. 
Project Status
  • No.: 8,903,228 issued on 12.02.2014- A vapor delivery device
Company History
Our company launched in 2011 to commercialize proprietary intellectual property related to technologies and formulas especially well-suited to safe, secure medicant delivery via vapor. Our founders and co-inventors have been involved in these technologies and formulations since 2006.  First, as partners in a joint venture from 2007 through 2010 with the innovator of first generation technologies related to Electronic Vapor Delivery Systems (EVDS) and then in research and development of enhanced technologies and formulas suited to inhalation, intranasal and pulmonary delivery.
   Beginning in 2009 and up to the present, our founders have had breakthroughs in technology and formulas and have filed patent applications and secured various patents that have now been licensed exclusively to VapAria.   
   Our management is experienced in the design and development of inhalable and breathable technologies and in identifying medicants and remedies that can be made more effective and abuse-deterrent via vapor delivery. This approach to device development and medicant discovery has allowed us to identify, advance and patent numerous methods and medicants. Our lead product candidate is an embodiment of our technology, the features and attributes of which are especially well-suited to safe, secure, diversion-proof and abuse-deterrent delivery of opioids for prescriptive pain management therapies.
   We initiated pre-clinical assessments of our vaporizing device in early 2016 to substantiate the safety, sophistication and security of our technology. Other aspects of our portfolio are being prepared for similar assessments. We have been a publicly reporting company since July 31, 2014. Our filings can be found on the US SEC's EDGAR website. We currently do not trade on any public market.
Vapor Technology
Sophisticated, robust and proprietary- product embodiments of our technology are capable of:
Vapor Therapies
We focus product development activities on significant unserved and underserved chronic medical and wellness conditions.
   Our research informs us that existing product technologies are incapable of meeting provider and patient preferences, ongoing public health and
regulatory scrutiny and third party payment requirements. At this time, our pipeline and projects include medicants and vapor-centric therapies to
address pain management, obesity, sleep disorders and smoking cessation.   
Our Current IP Portfolio:
As an example of areas of wellness and public health where vapor delivery can be utilized we have a special focus on chronic pain management. According to BCC Market Research the total, annual, global market for therapeutic pain management is expected to reach $41.5 billion by 2017.
   Our research informs us that prescriptive opioid therapy for chronic pain management is on the rise, despite the legitimate concerns of abuse, misuse and overdose and the broad public health issues that these concerns raise.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that pulmonary delivery of chronic pain medications-including opioids- can be effective.  But, these studies have also suggested that this method of administration and delivery is complicated by the regulatory and legal issues surrounding this class of medications.  We believe that the sophistication of our technology can be effective in ensuring proper, safe and efficacious administration and control of these important medications through the pulmonary system via inhalation and/or intranasally.
   Our founders have a patent-pending method of delivering opiates and opioids via low temperature vaporization, and have exclusively optioned this to the company.  To the extent that current medicants and/or therapies present compelling public health concerns, we believe there is an opportunity to request FDA fast track status in circumstances that require FDA approval. 
   We are actively looking for partners and support in industry, pharmacology, regulatory agencies and public health to test, assess and help develop this method of delivery and administration utilizing our proprietary technologies.  
  • Filed 11.2015, non-published, related to low temperature vaporization of opioids/opiates
  • Filed 1.2016, non-published, related to low temperature vaporization of certain herbal remedies proven effective for ED.
Patent Applications:
Pain Management
"The FDA will:  Expand access to, and encourage the development of, abuse-
 deterrent formulations of opioid products . . ." 
FDA Press Release, February 4, 2016
Patent Applications:
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Company Management
Alexander Chong, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board
    Chong is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Plexus International, a quality training and consulting organization with 14 international offices.  He has broad experience in international business and manufacturing quality. Chong also has vast experience serving on independent Boards of Directors, identifying key joint venture partners and negotiating and securing international distribution agreements with large multi-national companies. In connection with the developer of the original electronic vapor delivery system, Chong oversaw U.S. patent filings and developed the first disposable, hand-held personal vaporizer offered for distribution and sale in the U.S. 

William Bartkowski PhD, Co-Founder, President
    Bartkowski has had a three decade career in banking, consulting and marketing. He has been involved with vapor and aerosol technologies since late 2006. In that capacity he has organized, directed and optimized marketing, consumer focus group testing, market analysis and sales testing, and he has negotiated and finalized plans and agreements with major U.S. distributors and retailers with respect to electronic vapor delivery system and other vaporizing technologies. Bartkowski has also been extensively involved in U.S. and International regulatory and legal issues affecting electronic vapor delivery.  Bartkowski previously provided investor relations and capital markets advisory services, including capital formation and M&A counsel for more than a dozen public companies.    

Dan Markes, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director
    Markes is an experienced businessman and financial executive.  He has served in an executive financial capacity for numerous enterprises. He and Chong have worked closely for over a decade in various international businesses.  Markes background includes having served in various capacities as Controller, Human Resources Director, Business Development Specialist and member of the board of directors of a number of organizations throughout his professional career.  

Roger Nielsen, Vice President, Director and Secretary
    Nielsen is an experienced businessman with broad and lengthy experience in international commerce and world-wide distribution. He and Chong have worked closely together for over 25 years in various international businesses. He has established global distribution centers throughout the Asia Pacific, negotiated and closed distribution agreements with major international manufacturers for export and directed and managed international logistics for a number of global distribution networks.
  • No.: 8,287,922 issued on 10.16.2012- LTV Lobelia (bronchial dilator)
  • No.: 8,962,040 issued on 2.24.2015- Various medicants and methods of use- low temperature vaporization of Hoodia (appetite suppression)
  • No.: 9,254,002 issued on 2.09.2016- Low temperature vaporization of a Tobacco formulation
  • No.: 9,283,180 issued on 3.15.2016- Patent claims related to a sleep aid- LTV-Melatonin.
Device IP
Patents Issued:




European Union



South Korea

Hong Kong

  • No.: 9,399,100 issued on 7.26.2016- An enhanced vapor delivery device with a method to provide for a repeatable dose of medicant
    and that controls temperature while maximizing energy efficiency.
Active Ingredient IP
Patents Issued: